Our Story

The Meat Circle was born out of the desire to elevate the traditional butcher and home-cooking experience, by making the best-tasting premium meat and gourmet food available to the local community, to create exceptional meals. Providing only the healthiest options, we source our meat globally from the highest quality farms, all ethically raised and hormone-free. Our process is considered, using a sustainable approach with environmentally friendly packaging and recycling practices.

We are on a mission to make clean and healthy eating easy. Whether you’re a health-conscious home cook or simply a foodie, we believe eating well starts with quality ingredients.

The Company

The Meat Circle is a part of Aamro Group, a family-owned business specializing in global logistics, freight and shipping services. Aamro Group is based in Dubai, with branch offices located across major cities around the world, offering a variety of verticals to international industry leaders and fortune 100 companies. With its global connections, it has expanded into the food industry to deliver premium and unique products in the United Arab Emirates.

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Our Purpose

We want to positively impact our local community, by delivering healthy food products that are uniquely sourced from ethical meat farms and quality suppliers around the world.

Our vision is to be the ultimate connection to globally produced premium meat and gourmet foods, through our unlimited resources. We are committed to providing a personalized and simplified experience for each of our customers, with easy and modern ways to prepare healthy food at home for every occasion.

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