Explore Our Range of Butcher Prepared Meat & Specialty Products.


Our grass-fed and grain-fed beef selection are sourced from trusted farms in Australia, Brazil and New Zealand. We work exclusively with farmers who raise cattle in stress-free open ranges, completely free of antibiotics and growth hormones, to guarantee tenderness and maximum flavor. We offer easy meal beef marination options that include our signature spice blend, butter garlic or lemon black pepper.

  • Australian Black Angus Ribeye Steak
  • Australian Black Angus Prime T-bone Steak
  • Australian Black Angus Tomahawk Frenched
  • New Zealand Beef Topside Cubes
  • New Zealand Beef Rump Steak
  • New Zealand Beef Burger & Briskets
  • Brazilian Steak Julienne Strips


Our grass-fed lamb and matured mutton selection comes fresh from premium Australian, Indian and local farms. All our lamb products are free range, raised in the highest welfare standards free of added hormones, ready for the perfect juicy stew or roast. Experience our signature lamb spice blend and tenderizing mutton marination options.

  • Australian Lamb Rack Prime Frenched.
  • Australian Single Bone Lamb Rib Chops
  • Australian Lamb Cubes
  • Australian Lamb Shank
  • Australian Lamb Whole Leg
  • Local Mutton Seekh Kabab
  • Indian Mutton Handi


Our naturally vegetarian-fed chicken is freshly stocked from local small and trusted family farms. Our chicken is responsibly raised, free of any growth hormones and antibiotics, able to roam free which ensures the best quality and tenderness. We offer chicken marination options that include our signature tandoori or lemon black pepper

  • Fresh Whole Chicken.
  • Fresh Chicken Wings
  • Fresh Chicken Lollipop
  • Fresh Chicken Drumstick
  • Fresh Whole Chicken Breast
  • Fresh Chicken Breast Mince
  • Fresh Chicken Thighs

Sea food

Sourced from responsible wild-caught fisheries, our seafood selection comes from Norway, Scotland, France and local fishers. To ensure the best taste and texture, our experts carefully hand-pick the best quality fish and shellfish. We offer signature seafood marination options that include peri peri and our secret spice blend.

  • Royal Norway Salmon Fillet & Cubes
  • French Wild Royal Sea Bream Fillet
  • Wild King Fish Fillet & Cubes
  • Fresh Hamour Fillet
  • Fresh Seabass Whole & Fillet
  • Premium King Prawns
  • Scottish Brown Crab
  • Fresh Premium Oyster
  • Fresh Premium Squid
  • Yellow Fin Tuna Loin 1st Grade
  • Fresh Premium Lobster

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